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The Art Of The Car…And The Motorcycle

Crocetti Speciale Motorcycle Malibu Cars and Coffee Oct 8 2017 | Photo by Kriss Perras

 Written by Josh Hastings & Editor Kriss Perras

Malibu Cars and Coffee kicked off this month with a parade of Porsche cars driving into Bluffs Park, followed by a Chevy Camaro SS, a 1966 Chevelle, Jaguars and even a rat rod pulled in. Car events in Malibu have changed considerably since the 2006 on the lawn event called Malibu Concours d’Elegance. Car enthusiasts from all over the area drove up to Malibu to share coffee and car stories for Cars and Coffee. But the biggest change was motorcycle enthusiasts rode up and parked their bikes among the cars. A man decked out in leathers rode up on a bike called a Crocetti Speciale.

He parked right next to a Porsche Targa. Another motorcycle enthusiast rode up and parked his Ducati 999s in the same row as an Auburn 851. A man in black leathers rode up and parked his black Ninja back by the 1966 Chevelle and Camaro SS. The event has also changed in other ways. About ten years ago, this event was all locals sharing coffee, their car stories, cherried out woodies and other antique cars, including Jay Leno bringing out his cool antique cars. Now the car event is open to the entire area. Car club stickers from the 
Ventura Car Club could be seen. People talking about their life in the Valley were heard. The event has grown to include many people of all walks of life who share a common interest in cars, trucks and motorcycles.

October 8 was the kick off this month. Cars and Coffee will be held the second and fourth Sundays of the month. The upcoming dates are as follows: October 22, November 12 and December 10. This event will not be held November 26 and December 24. Spots in the lot at Bluffs Park are on a first come first serve basis. It starts at 7:00 am and goes until 9:00 am. There is no fee or registration required to show up. Cars and Coffee is hosted by the City of Malibu and Exclusive Motor Cars. It is open to all car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts. Coffee, beverages and pastries can be purchased from Apollo’s Espresso and Shave Ice.


Tony Dow’s (Leave It To Beaver) Corvair At Malibu’s Wheels And Waves October 15, 2017 Hosted By Fireball Tim. | Video by Kriss Perras

(Video Malibu Wheels And Waves Hosted By Fireball Tim | Video by Kriss Perras )

(Video Malibu Wheels And Waves Hosted By Fireball Tim | Video by Kriss Perras )

What is a Crocetti Speciale, you say? We asked the rider what his bike was all about at Malibu Wheels and Waves, put on by Fireball Tim every third Sunday at Malibu Country Mart.

MAJ: Can you tell us about your Bike?

MARK CROCETTI: It started out as a 1971 Triumph Daytona. I’ve modified it to maybe look more like a motorcycle that might have raced back in the 1960’s. Maybe a bike they might have raced in Europe or at the Isle Of Man off the coast of England. It has an aluminum gas tank and seat. The only original Triumph parts are the engine and the frame. Everything else is either something I collected or, I kind of made a lot of the parts. I just did it in a style of a bike that would have been built back in the 60’s, because when I was a kid I always thought it would be cool to have a bike like that. I could never afford it back then, but now that I’m old I can have this kind of stuff. I built it about six years ago. It’s been used in a number of ads for product handbags, Guess Clothing, SAP Software, Comcast and a couple of others. It’s just fun. I have some other motorcycles. But this one is kind of special. It’s the first one I did. I built it when I was 65 years old. I thought that would be a good time to get a motorcycle. So here it is seven years later, and I’m still playing with them.


Lancia Monte Carlo / Scorpion at Malibu Wheels And Waves Hosted By Fireball Tim | Photo By Kriss Perras

Wheels and Waves brought out an antique Lancia. It’s a rare car. We talked to the owner, Mark Mayuga from Los Alamitos, to find out all about that car’s history.

MAJ: Tell us a little bit about your vehicle. It looks very interesting. It also looks unique.

MAYUGA: It’s probably the rarest car here. It’s a 1976 Lancia Monte Carlo, or also known as a Scorpion here in the United States. It’s a 1.8 liter double overhead cam transverse mounted motor. It’s one of only 1,800 ever made. So it’s very, very rare. I’ve had it for 30 years. I’m the second owner. This car is all original, except for hoses and tires and the usual things, but yeah. They originally were rally cars.

MAJ: Cool.

MAYUGA: There’s very few left. Most of them have suffered rust issues. But they’re very, very rare. They’re just a lot of fun. It’s like riding around in a go cart. It’s got these very advanced, for the time, disc brakes all around. It is a dual brake system. Very high revving motor. Of course it has a very wide track, so it could corner quite well. Cars didn’t approach this kind of technology not till maybe the mid or late 80’s.

MAJ: It was ahead of its time.

MAYUGA: It was ahead of its time. Yeah. They were sort of a boutique kind of car. There were very few people that even knew how to work on them when they came to this 

MAJ: Where is it made?

MAYUGA: Italy. And it’s pronounced Lan-cha.

MAJ: How many miles are on this car?

MAYUGA: It’s only got about 65,000 miles on it, original miles.

MAJ: Really?


MAJ: And what year did you say it is?

MAYUGA: 1976. It always gets a lot of attention. Most guys when they see this car they say they’ve only seen them in books or in magazines or articles, because they’re so rare. We think there’s probably less than two or three hundred cars worldwide, if there are that many.

Malibu Arts Journal spoke to the owner of another unique car. It was the 1935 Auburn 851. The owner is Mel Stein.


Auburn 851 | Photo by Mel Stein

MAJ: Can you tell me about your car?

STEIN: It’s a 1935 Auburn boattail speedster. It’s got a lot of fun stuff on it. I’ve had it for around 11 years. I just enjoy driving it. It kind of surprises people because it shoots flames out the tailpipe, stuff you don’t expect on an old car. I call it rolling art or rolling sculpture. It’s interesting and fun.

MAJ: Can you tell me about the engine?

STEIN: The engine? Yeah. It has basically a supercharged Corvette engine.


Rat Rod At Malibu Wheels And Waves Hosted By Fireball Tim | Photo By Kriss Perras

Malibu Arts Journal conducted a Q&A with the owner of an interesting looking rat rod at the Malibu Wheels and Waves. The owner was Joe Magliato.

MAJ: What can you tell me about your rat rod? How was it built? What’s it made of?

MAGLIATO: The body is a 1936 Ford Pick-Up Cab. And then we kind of went crazy. We built the frame. We built the top and the trunk. Each piece we just took our time with. Let me backtrack a little bit. I’m a blacksmith by trade. So I do a lot of ornamental iron work and mostly work on people’s houses. I took those same skill sets and built my chair. Built my steering wheel. Built whatever it is that’s on there. In between jobs, it took maybe four and a half years to make, just doing one little piece at a time. A lot of copper. A lot of bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, a little bit of everything.

MAJ: What kind of engine is in it?

MAGLIATO: It’s a 455 Volt. The motor actually came out of a crashed up derby car that we drove. The car got taken out early in the race, luckily. And the guy that I was driving for said that I could have the motor if I wanted it. They were just going to scrap the car anyway. So we took it out and cleaned it up. That’s how I got my motor.

MAJ: Has the car won any awards? Where has it been shown?

MAGLIATO: It won Cruisin’ For The Cure Show in Orange County. It won Best Rat Rod. I don’t even consider it a rat rod really. It looks like it obviously, but it’s like art, you know. It’s just the inside of my head, you know. It’s just what I do.

The host of the event, Fireball Tim, or Tim Lawrence, is a car designer. Malibu Arts Journal spoke with him about his history of car design and his coloring books on various subjects, including cars.

MAJ: Tell us about your coloring books?

FIREBALL TIM: It’s a whole series of kid’s coloring books. When you go to the store and you buy coloring books, they’re kind of lame. They’re manufactured by big companies, and they’re not that creative. So I decided I wanted my legacy as a car designer, and as a lover of kids, doing kid things that we enjoy, to create a series of coloring books that were high on design. High on concept, that made kids not only enjoy coloring, but gives them a unique perspective from the design sense. So we have custom cars. Each car is a unique piece of art. It inspires them to draw. It inspires them to color. It’s also a book that can be used for older aged people. As people end up in old folks homes and are looking for activities, things like that are a lot of fun to do. We have a beach life coloring book that just came out. Over the next year, by Christmas time next year, we’ll have twelve books total. We‘ll do a book every two months. We have one on mermaids. We have one on the amazing earth. And lots of other car books that are rat rods and custom trucks and muscle cars, so it’s pretty fun.

MAJ: Tell me about your bio?

FIREBALL TIM: I’ve always been a car designer since I was a kid. My parents gave me art supplies and toy cars. That’s pretty much what I do now. I’ve been a car designer in the Hollywood industry for the last thirty years. I’ve done about 400 films as a car designer, as well as designing everything from costumes, weapons, props, sets. Now we have a TV Show. It’s called Fireball Malibu Vlog that airs on the Auto Channel to about 30 million homes. We’re closing in on our 700th episode. It covers car culture as a whole. It’s really the only show that does that. You can see a lot of build shows. Lots of shows that are specific to certain areas of car culture. But we cover car culture as a whole, because it’s a large universe. And if it’s got four wheels, we love it.

MAJ: What about two wheels?

FIREBALL TIM: Two wheels are good too. Are you kidding? Anything that moves. Transportation is an amazing thing. It allows us freedom. We enjoy freedom. That’s ultimately what everyone is working toward. We’re all trying to wake up out of our lives and to implement as much freedom into our lives as we can. Custom cars and cars in general allow us to do that. We each have to pepper our day with things that we love. The more love we interject into the world the more that comes back to us.


To recap the car events in Malibu: The first Sunday of every month is the Trancas car show at the Trancas Country Mart where about 200 cars show up. Every second and fourth Sunday, Cars and Coffee is held at Malibu Bluffs Park. Every third Sunday is Wheels and Waves put on by Fireball Tim held at the Malibu Country Mart. The tenor of these events has changed to include car clubs from outside the area. Coffee and car stories from everywhere are exchanged in an atmosphere of mutual enthusiasm for cars and motorcycles.

The Trancas Car show is run by Andy Cohen of Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories. That show has tricked out woodies, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Bentley convertibles, Mercedes, Porsches, an Austin Healey has shown up there and a couple of Karmann Ghias have been there before.


Fireball Tim color books are available for purchase from his Website.

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