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Pulitzer Nominated Jeff Widener’s Black & White Dreams

Days End Copyright 2017 Jeff Widener

The images are sometimes ethereal, composed so the eye moves fluidly about the frame and finds hidden elements often at first not seen, and they’re always emotive.This Pulitzer nominated photographer is famous for his iconic “Tank Man” photograph taken during the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. In that photograph, a lone man stood defiantly in front of a long row of tanks about to invade the square where the students were protesting. Widener then and now leaves you involved in the frame, the people he photographs and the moment in time he captured. Something as simple as snowflakes on a man’s jacket becomes emotionally involving and pleasing to look at. The viewer becomes more than just a spectator of the photograph. You jump into the frame and the moment with the photographer. Widener takes us to many places and people’s lives in this series of black and whites. He traverses the globe, and sometimes looks at the ground, to find inspiration. In our Q&A with Widener, we find out what made him go back to film in our digital age, why he enjoys the Leica Rangefinder camera and how he first became interested in photography…(Read More in our October 20, 2017 Digital Issue on Magzter or iTunes).

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