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Music: The Best Of Liquid Dreams

DJ Uforia The Best Of Liquid Dreams

Eurocentric synthesizer-based influences of futuristic and fictional themes of American capitalistic technocratic society, The Best Of Liquid Dreams: DJ Uforia is an excellent example of techno dance music. Funny this great little CD purchased from a Santa Monica Promenade street vendor isn’t to be found much of anywhere except by each individual group’s own sites and works. Be prepared to travel to other worlds, filmic style sounds that are reminiscent of the original film Blade Runner and other cult sci-fi films and euro-club influences.

Omnibus by Laut Sprecher and Ssndstorm by Darude equally have a cult following on the Web. Many user rave reviews can be found on a multitude of artists on this compilation. Omnibus’ lyrics, “Ich fahre liebsten Schwartz” or “I am riding without paying” are very sensitive to the younger generation who rebel against even paying bus fare. The song also uses a spoken word style mixed with sound poetry. Other than Liquid Dreams, it seems there is only one other place to find this unique little song is on the single Omnibus Laut Sprecher Featuring Katie Skate.

Sandstorm by Darude has a similar feel as Omnibus – similar synth and beat also using a loop-based step sequencing compositional method – but each song is unique. As is always the case with artists, each finds a way to influence the other at every step of the way. Sandstorm uses a lot of tech house and trance influences. There is more frenetic energy to Sandstorm than Omnibus. Darude is Ville Virtanen, Darude being his stage name. He hails from Eura, Hinnerjoki, Finland. Sandstorm was an immediate hit. He has performed/DJ’d worldwide including El Salvador and Toronto and is as of this month is currently ranked #57 on the DJ List Directory Rank.

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