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Malibu Sees 121 Warrant Arrests Since January 2018

Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station and the City of Malibu reports the Sheriff’s Department has made 121 warrant arrests since January 2018. Deputies have made several warrant operations in the City resulting in an additional 224 arrests from January through April. The two together averaged two arrests per day in the City of Malibu.

By Heather Fuller

“Although most of the offenses are not serious, the City and the Sheriff’s Department are committed to protecting public safety and enforcing the law no matter what the crime is,” said Mayor Rick Mullen.

The Sheriff’s station reports most of the offenses were for trespassing, drunk driving, drunk in public, petty and grand theft, illegal camping, unlicensed driving, possession of controlled substances, under the influence of controlled substances, battery, criminal threats, and others. People not arrests received warrant citations with a date to appear in court.

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