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Johanna Spinks’ Face Of Malibu

Marie Stapel by Johanna Spinks

Painting faces in a series as a community project started in Ventura for Malibu artist Johanna Spinks. It began with a collaborative effort with the Ventura Breeze titled the Face Of Ventura. In that project, 58 sitters were painted there over a two-year period. Those paintings are now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Ventura County. Spinks is currently working on the Face Of Charleston. In the Face Of Malibu, Spinks painted 60 people from Malibu to “help record the life pulse of Malibu over the last five years,” said Spinks in a statement on the project.

“I’ve been a people watcher my whole life. My background is as a journalist,” said Spinks of her motivation to paint these faces across various cities. “I love watching people. I’m a portrait painter. And I love painting them too. It originally started in Ventura. The Face Of Ventura. I had a studio there. That is such a beautiful eclectic town. And I said to myself, I found my town. I want to paint. I approached the newspaper there, Sheldon Brown. Fantastic friend. We launched it. It takes more than an artist deciding they’re going to paint the town in a community project. You’ve got to have a vehicle that gets it out into the world. That’s exactly what The Malibu Times and publishers Arnold and Karen York did for this. It could have just stayed in my studio and never be seen.” (Read MOre on Magzter here: )

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