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First Lady Trump: I Really Don’t Care, Do You?

Special To Topanga Journal

Well, Melania, speaking from steerage class, yes I do care. And the thousands who are suffering under the ham-handed, chaotic, and vindictive policies that spring from your husband’s warped mind care. And the millions worldwide that have abandoned any hope whatsoever that America is capable under this regime of living up to the ideals and values that serve as the foundation of this grand representative democratic experiment care. And future generations who will be left to clean up the unholy mess that will forever serve as Trump’s legacy care.

By Lance Simmens

Okay, you are miserable, you have every right to be. However, you can always move on within the luxurious confines of wealth that may not bring happiness but certainly afford one abundant comfort. Okay, you wanted to make a statement, you did, now what in the hell does it mean? I shall not venture into armchair psychology here, although it is tempting, but we are all tired of the constant anxiety that is a direct result of your husband’s petulance. There are times when I want to just say enough, this is too draining, but my responsibility to those whom I have helped bring into the world prevent me from just walking away. Having a conscience means you bear the burden of caring. How empty, hollow, vacuous, and meaningless your existence must be to be free of such a burden!

“You have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and you pout behind your privileged existence by using a $39 jacket to voice your displeasure. What a coward…” Lance Simmens

Your visit to Texas clearly illustrated the emptiness that occupies your existence. You are trapped. You are desperate. You are anguished and abused. Yet rather than rise above your misery by carving out an issue where you might actually make a positive difference, your singular response to the current self-inflicted crisis of your husband’s egomaniacal adventure into hysterical dementia is to broadcast to the world how unhappy YOU are! Poor baby.


Sorry, you do not get a pass on this one. Boo hoo, poor little First Lady, she would much rather be sunning on the Riviera, lunching on the Amalfi coast, shopping in Paris, or hobnobbing in Manhattan, but here she is flying at taxpayer expense on a government airplane that is normally occupied by 130 passengers sitting shoulder to shoulder with little to no legroom, transported from runway to destination by limousine and a security detail to ensure nothing or no one obstructs your path.


Well, there is one thing that I can categorically admit and that is I simply do not care whether you care or not. You have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and you pout behind your privileged existence by using a $39 jacket to voice your displeasure. What a coward, particularly at a time when women are exercising a vigorous assault on a white male dominated power structure that has kept them in a stranglehold for so long. What a power couple you make: a whiner and a pouter. To channel Bill Maher, one a whiny little bitch, the other, well, just a bitch.


I have no idea what your angle was yesterday or is today, but it seems quite obvious that you deserve your unhappiness. There should be no pity, no excuses, no second chances, just abject disappointment and a simmering anger that is fueled by a First Family that has absolutely no regard for humanity, no conviction or integrity, nothing short of disdain for those who are less fortunate and no idea of the damage they are inflicting upon the world.


So do yourself a favor, just suffer behind the palace walls, quietly, in solitude, out of sight. It is enough of a burden for those who do care to confront the idiocy and incompetence that seeps out of this administration. We do not, no, cannot attend to your needs and his at the same time. It is bankrupting our collective forbearance. As you snuggle in your jacket, take solace in the fact that it will keep you warm on those cold nights when compassion, caring, and humanity conspire to deprive you of your responsibilities as a woman, a mother, a citizen of the planet, and yes a human being uniquely situated to actually make a difference. And in the end you can be buried in your jacket, no one will care.



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