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Kriss Perras

Ruptured Media, LLC

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Kriss Perras

Miranda Robin 

Publisher & Editor at | 424-388-8323 | | + posts

Kriss Perras owns Ruptured Media where she publishes Topanga Journal. Ruptured Media is also a story development company.

Kriss built the Topanga Journal from the ground up. She earned the magazine digital distribution through iTunes, Amazon and Magzter. She is also a member of the national honor society Who's Who In American Universities And Colleges.

*Photo by Alan Weissman 2017

Designer at | | + posts

Nira Lichten — Award winning graphic designer; creative director of The Malibu Times newspaper and magazine... and freelance around town.

Writer at Topanga Journal | | + posts

Chris Elliott is a writer and musician from Los Angeles. He has a technical speciality in copywriting for band and orchestral instruments as well as professional audio equipment pertaining to live sound and recording. He is also an experienced trumpet player and stage actor.

Elliott holds a BA in English from Yale University and attended secondary school at St. Paul's in Concord, New Hampshire. Born in New Hampshire, raised in Vermont and having lived a good part of his adult life in Main, his native New England roots and traditions of community alongside a rich classical education has always informed his sensibilities. He was a keynote speaker at the regional gathering of the New Hampshire Mensa Society, and from 2004 through 2010, he had an often acerbic and always funny weekly opinion column under the auspices of the Portsmouth Herald.

His chronicles of his weeklong engagement as a trumpet player in the Green Zone in Baghdad in 2007 entitled Trumpeter's Week in a War Zone ran as a centerpiece in the Sunday Boston Globe, and was among's most heavily visited article series that year. His novels continue to languish, bereft and unread, themselves anthropomorphically despondent over their existences as mere zeroes and ones when they could instead be racing hearts and fired imaginations.

Woodland Hills, CA

Contributor | 323.682.0847 | | + posts

Sandra Fluke is the California State & Western Region Director for Voices for Progress. Sandra was responsible for the launch of V4P’s first state office in 2015 and continues to direct California state policy advocacy and political engagement. She also oversees member engagement throughout the western half of the U.S., while recruiting new Voices for Progress members. Sandra is an attorney who specializes in policy and legislative advocacy on behalf of progressive causes. For over a decade, she has worked in the non-profit sector to advance social justice and economic opportunity. She is best known nationally for her Congressional testimony regarding birth control access under the Affordable Care Act. In November 2014, she was a candidate for the California State Senate, emphasizing a platform of environmental protection, economic justice, and campaign finance reform. Sandra is a graduate of Georgetown Law and Cornell University with a degree in Policy Analysis and Management. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Adam, and their dog, Mr. President.

Writer at Topanga Journal | | + posts

Heather Fuller is an arts and local news writer. She lives in Los Angeles, CA 91606.

Writer at Topanga Journal | | + posts

Josh Hastings is an arts and car and motorcycle show writer. He lives in Orlando, FL 32801.

Writer at Topanga Journal | | | + posts

Rick Paulas has written many things, some serious, plenty not, for plenty of places, like: The Awl, VICE, Pacific Standard, KCET, SB Nation Longform, The Morning News, McSweeney's, Wired, The New York Times and a whole slew of others. More than once, he wrangled a publication to basically pay him to eat a bunch of hot dogs at Dodger Stadium. He lives in Berkeley.

Writer at Topanga Journal | | + posts

Matt Perras is an arts writer.

Contributor at Topanga Journal | | + posts

Dorothy Reik is the President of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains in Topanga, CA 90290. Contact her directly at

Writer | | + posts

Miranda Robin is one of those rare natives of Los Angeles. She earned her BA in Women’s Studies, minoring in Sociology of Sexuality and Gender, from UCLA and an MA from LMU in Early Childhood Education. Miranda is an Artist, a Writer, a Producer for the Topanga Film Festival and Preschool Teacher in Venice. Her passions and inspirations stem from a love of self worth, adventure and turning an inner dialogue to an outer expression.

Writer at | | + posts

Lance Simmens spent nearly four decades in senior level policy, political, and government positions, serving two Presidents, two US Senators, two Governors, and the US Conference of Mayors. He has also worked for the Screen Actors’ Guild, taught at Santa Monica College, served as President of the Malibu Adamson House Foundation, and is currently Vice-President of the Malibu Democratic Club. He has written political commentary for the Huffington Post and many major newspapers and is a frequent contributor to LA Progressive magazine.

Writer at Topanga Journal | | + posts

George Van Wagner has spent more than 4 decades in the music industry as performer, studio musician, producer and composer. He also has a writing career that ranges from technical articles and manuals for music equipment and software to published interviews with such artists as Jackson Browne, Don Was, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. He and his wife currently reside in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. When not writing or performing around the city with various blues, soul and jazz groups, he can be found roasting and drinking coffee.
Los Angeles, CA

Photographer at | 818-766-9797 | | + posts

11419 Decente Ct
Studio CIty, CA 91604
t: 818-766-9797

Alan Weissman has established himself as one of Los Angeles' foremost photographers.

He has been a working professional photographer for over 28 years. Alan and his photography have been featured on CNN, ABC News, The E! Channel, The FX Channel, How to Look Good Naked, Japanese Fuji Television, and on the German show Mission Hollywood. Alan has also worked shooting celebrity portraits for The Bravo Channel, American Movie Classics, HBO, FOX and National Geographic Channel. Alan specializes in headshots, celebrity photos, and film noir photography.

Weissman is a master of lighting, catering to each client by insuring his or her comfort and ease before the camera. Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Alec Baldwin, Gregory Peck and Jack Lemmon are just a few of the many mega-stars to have graced his photographs. Steven Spielberg, Morgan Freeman, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Brett Butler are avid collectors of his work.

Alan has exhibited his photographs in the Brooklyn Museum, Boston's Polaroid Museum, the ABC Studios, NYC Hilton and Bergamot Station in Los Angeles.

Pulitzer Nominated Photographer at | | + posts

Jeff Widener is an American photojournalist best known for his now famous image of a lone man confronting a column of tanks during the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising for which he received a Pulitzer Prize jury nomination. The “Tank Man” picture has repeatedly circled the globe (except in China where it is banned) and is now widely held to be one of the most recognized photographs in history. America On Line (AOL) selected it as one of the top ten most famous images of all time. Contact Jeff directly at:

Germany & Los Angeles

Topanga Journal
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