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Climate Change A sonnet By: Miranda Robin

Special To Topanga Journal

hues of green and blue, colors of land, of sea, and sky

fragile structure filled with knowledge of educated hope 

storms brewing, sea levels rising and we know why 

climate is changing and denied by a small orange dope

Miranda Robin

By Miranda Robin

the conversation is here, the dialogue is now 

heat waves and health risks, irreversible sadness 

extinction real, saving lives essential, help presents how 

working together to better the worlds immediate madness 

“temperatures escalating water ranging from drought to flood…” Miranda Robin

temperatures escalating water ranging from drought to flood

this is a reality, a fact, watching coastal populations before us die 

water dwindles, some ignore, concerned humans out for blood 

the discussion is clear, forward momentum, no longer a silent sigh  

ice is melting matching the beat of the heart, we know the planets worth 

she opened her arms to our dreams, protect our magical mother earth 


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Miranda Robin is one of those rare natives of Los Angeles. She earned her BA in Women’s Studies, minoring in Sociology of Sexuality and Gender, from UCLA and an MA from LMU in Early Childhood Education. Miranda is an Artist, a Writer, a Producer for the Topanga Film Festival and Preschool Teacher in Venice. Her passions and inspirations stem from a love of self worth, adventure and turning an inner dialogue to an outer expression.

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