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An App Let’s You Protest Using Your Wallet

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Buycott App
Buycott App

Most Progressives look for ways to boycott the Koch Brothers’ products. If one is serious about it, this amounts to a Google search every time you want to buy something to see if it is indeed a Koch product. This may or may not yield the answer one is looking for and can consume a large amount of time. Well, now there’s an app designed specifically to tell you just that, and then some. It’s called Buycott. It allows to you to purchase products aligned with your values.

Buycott was created by Los Angeles developer Ivan Pardo. It gives users a way to discover what corporations make the products they are purchasing. If the purchaser disagrees with that corporation’s values, they can choose not to purchase that product.

There are many campaigns in the app, not just the one against the Koch Brothers. Would you like to ensure you buy foods that are Non-GMO? There’s a campaign in the app for that. There’s a no palm oil campaign. There’s an end animal testing campaign. There’s a Say No To Monsanto campaign. Buycott is crowd sourced and is available in 192 countries. That leaves many campaigns available to choose from. All of these add up to ways to purchase goods according to the way you think.

Here’s how it works. Download the Buycott app. Click on a campaign you agree with to join that campaign. For instance, Boycott Koch Industries. Now scan a product you want to purchase. The app will tell you if that product is made by the Koch Brothers. The same is true for all the other campaigns, if it is a GMO product, if that product used animal testing or if it is a Monsanto product.

The app also gives the user two lists, companies to support and companies to avoid. The app will tell you the companies that do things you are likely to agree with. If you join the buy chocolate that does not use child slavery campaign, it will not only scan the code to tell you if that product uses child slavery to make their chocolate, it will also give you a list of products that do not use child slavery to make their chocolate.

If you’re searching for a way to use your wallet to protest, Buycott certainly provides that opportunity.

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