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A Christmas Carol To Be Performed by the Young Actors Project In Malibu

by Kriss Perras



A Malibu-based performing arts-troupe known as the Young Actors Project will perform three original versions of the beloved Christmas story, A Christmas Carol, adapted by John Litten. 

“We have been rehearsing for the productions since the end of September. We rehearse after-school on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Malibu Playhouse,” said Shoshana Kuttner, Executive Director of the Young Actors Project.

The Young Actors Project’s production of this timeless tale involves three different age groups, elementary, middle school and high school students. 

“The cast members in each age group are comprised of students from local public, private, and home-schools and charter schools in Malibu and surrounding areas, Agoura, Monte Nido, Calabasas, Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades. There are 16 actors in the Teen cast, 19 actors in the 9-12 year old cast, and 21 actors in the 5-9 year old cast,” said Kuttner.

Each cast will perform their version of Charles Dickens’ 1843 classic. The troupe has taken the story, with all its beloved characters, and set it in 1966 when miniskirts are in fashion, the Beatles top the pop charts and Scrooge’s rise in corporate America comes at a cost.  

“The play is an original adaption of Dicken’s story created by Young Actors Project’s co-founder John Litten in 2012. He was heavily influenced by the critically acclaimed series Madmen and the fantastic Bill Murray movie Scrooged. Setting the play in 1966, allows us to show Scrooge’s journey parallel to the rise and growing power of the US Corporation, and addresses the living conditions and social life in America from 1927 – 1966,” said Kuttner.

The Young Actors Project is a non-profit arts education organization that since 2005 has been offering after school acting workshops and summer performance day camps in Malibu. It’s Executive Director, Kuttner, will direct all three age group’s performance of A Christmas Carol

Performances will be held at the Malibu Playhouse as follows:

Teen Performers

Friday December 15th 7pm

Saturday December 16th 6pm

Sunday December 17th 6pm

Performers Ages 9 – 12

Saturday December 16th 3pm

Sunday December 17th 3pm

Performers Ages 5 – 9

Saturday December 16th 12pm

Sunday December 17th 12pm

For tickets and information:


Malibu Playhouse

29243 Pacific Coast Highway

Malibu, CA 90265

People can contribute to Young Actors Project, a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation, in numerous ways:

– Enrolling their students in our after-school programs and/or summer camps

– Attending Young Actors Project performances and community events

– Donating funds, which is tax-deductible, in person or through the donation page on their website:

– Donating goods, costumes, props, scenic materials, technical equipment and services, like trained theatrical skills, for their productions. 

– Signing up to support then through Amazon Smile

– Spreading the word about their valuable work with youth and positive community impact.

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